Contractual Law

The contract is of great importance in civil and commercial relations; it is aimed at the establishment, modification or termination of rights and responsibilities.

The contract can be concluded both orally or in writing.

The contract drafted with legal competence will help to avoid misunderstandings between the parties and prevent
negative consequences.

In judicial practice there are a lot of judicial cases about recognition of transactions void on the ground of non-compliance of conditions established by law at the moment of conclusion of the contract.

Contract type and its content can be presented in the form, which will result in minimal tax consequences.

Services provided by our company:

  • Representation of client interests while entering into transactions;
  • Development of draft of a contract
  • Drafting contract and its analysis

Contractual law is one of the most important in practical terms, and dynamically developing areas of civil law.

Litigation is constantly updating the legal regime of contractual relations, opens up new opportunities and creates
risks that must be considered in the organization and throughout conduct of contract development. As it is well
known, the “rules of the game” change in judicial law-making which is usually retrospective and apply to
transactions entered into prior to the emergence of new cases. All of this leads to the need for legal practitioners to
maintain under control operational changes and form forecasting trend skills in the development of judicial practice.