Land Advisory Services

In 2020 the land market of Ukraine entered a new phase and is actively developing, nevertheless, there are a few companies exercising a professional approach to transactions involving land which normally bares greatest investment and commercial risks.

Our company’s professional legal approach will ensure a focused problem solving and guaranteed success of any project.

Land advisory services include:

  • Supporting of transactions connected to land plots and attached facilities;
  • Registration of land plot and property transfer rights to one or several persons;
  • Drawing up lease and sale/purchase agreements with the further regulatory registration;
  • Preparing and supporting land plot allocation all over Ukraine;
  • Rezoning of land plots to expand or change their originally designated use;
  • Legal consultations with varying degrees of complexity within legal regulations, land or trade
    transactions, to ensure desired results in the shortest time possible;
  • Legal compliance examination of all documents to ensure that all requirements and policies
    of the legislation of Ukraine are met;

We are a leading company in providing professional legal assistance on land advisory issues. An extensive experience, knowledge of all regulatory provisions of the current legislation, a prompt search for solutions to the most challenging legal issues – are our main strengths allowing us to provide legal entities with land advisory services at the highest level.