Subscription Service

By cooperating with us, you will be provided with:

  • Consulting assistance, clarification of all legal issues, and the package of necessary laws and regulations;
  • Preparation of legal conclusions
  • Representation of your interests and settlement of economical and legal issues, issues with the governmental institutions, commercial companies, tax authorities etc.Our company offers a lawyer subscription service for legal entities, private entrepreneurs and individuals based in Ukraine and abroad. Lawyer subscription service of organizations and individual entrepreneurs includes comprehensive support of legal professionals on any legal situations that arise throughout our clients’ business operation.

Upon conclusion of the lawyer subscription agreement with our clients, the following legal support:

  • Written and oral legal advice on any emerging issues;
  • Provision of legal and regulatory framework at the request of a customer;
  • Establishment and maintenance of the entire legal documentation;
  • Development of contracts, orders, agreements and other legal documents;
  • Verification of legal documents provided by the client and recommendations;
  • Preparation of newsletters or requests to public authorities;
  • Preparation of the documents necessary for negotiations;
  • Support of the client in negotiations;
  • Representing clients in various organizations;
  • Recommendations for claims work;
  • Preparation of claims and further conduct of all correspondence with claims;
  • Representation of clients in courts of various instances;

Any other legal assistance in case of any need for an agreement with the client.

Our law firm offers several options for lawyer subscription service that allows you to choose the best contract for you. Immediately after the lawyer subscription service contract is concluded, the client has a permanent specialist who will continue to exercise all legal assistance provided in the contract. If a particular legal issue is quite complex, it is transferred to the person skilled in the specific areas of law. Payment for legal service on a monthly basis in the amount established by the agreement.